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Lunch Menu


sushi & sashimi    寿司      刺身


sushi rolls fresh rolled chef’s share specialties 16
teriyaki chicken & sesame
spicy fried chicken & salad
salmon avocado, cucumber & caviar roll
spicy fresh tuna ‘tekka’ roll
salmon & salad sushi
panko tiger prawn roll
sashimi appetiser 15
8 pieces of sashimi, salmon, fresh tuna, line caught snapper or mixed  
nigiri set 22
chef’s fresh selection of nigiri (4 pc), small salmon roll (6 pc) & miso  
sushi, sashimi, nigiri tasting platter (2 people) 34
chef’s selection of fresh seafood to share with you group  
tuna tataki 22
sliced fresh tuna dressed with ponzu & daikon oroshi  
sashimi large plate (2 people) 34
yellow fin tuna, salmon, market fresh line caught fish, hamachi, scallop & sashimi grade prawns  



nigiri sushi
2 pc per serve

4 pc per serve
salmon (shake) 7 9
tuna (maguro) 7 9
tuna (marinated-zuke) 8 10
snapper (madai) 9 12
trevally (shima aji) 9 12
kingfish (hamachi) 9 12
prawn (cooked-ebi) 8 -
prawn (raw-ebi) - 16
squid (ika) 7 9
eel (unagi) 9 -
scallop (hotate) 9 16

** Based on availability

light share dishes 小皿


gyoza pork dumplings 18
home-made, free farmed, fried pork dumplings (6pc)  
duck dumplings shumai 10
steamed dumplings(3) soy sauce & japanese hot mustard  
chicken karaage 10
coated fried chicken thigh, japanese mayonnaise (gf)  
japanese 7 pepper squid 10
chargrilled marinated shichimi pepper squid  
​...Remember, due to the complex nature of the menu, groups for lunch over 12 are required to order from the Bento Lunch Box selections....  

​yam wraps isobeage
fried yams wrapped in toasted nori (v) 14
teriyaki lamb ball skewers 10
sweet grilled new season lamb  
eggplant miso-yaki 10
eggplant flame grilled with a sweet miso sesame coating (v) (gf)  
agedashi tofu 10
light fried pressed tofu, soy based broth, daikon & ginger (v)  
takoyaki octopus balls 10
light fried battered balls stuffed with octopus (9pc)  
beef tataki 18
seared scotched beef, ginger, garlic, tataki sauce  
tiger prawns tempura 10
light battered tiger prawns (2), wasabi mayo & dipping sauce  
tempura fish & chips – tokyo bay 20
fresh filleted fish, homemade chips, dipping trio of japanese mayo  


donburi 丼ぶり

donburi’s are specially prepared ingredients served with dressed greens & premium steamed rice


teriyaki chicken 16
karaage fried chicken dressed with a delicate bbq dressing 16
teriyaki beef scotch fillet 18
grilled salmon ‘wild akaroa’ also asian vegtabales greens & tofu 18/16
wagyu hawke's bay beef scotch fillet 25


lunch bento box selections  弁当

all lunch box selections served with green salad, rice and miso soup


the grill 27
teriyaki chicken, teppan scotch beef, canterbury lamb, duck shumai,
salads of burdock, lotus root, & crispy potato with organic greens
blue water 29
panko tiger prawn, fried snapper, teriyaki scallop, saikyo fish, sashimi,
salmon avocado sushi, marinated mussel & sesame seaweed salad, marinated veges & greens
tokyo bay tempura 29
tempura prawns & white fish with vegetables, sashimi, tofu dengaku,
salads of marinated & simmered vegetables, tempura dipping sauce
the boss bento 27
teriyaki chicken, panko tiger prawn, beef tataki, karaage fried chicken,
salmon sashimi, takoyaki octopus, salads of burdock, lotus root & japanese crispy potato salad


extras 前菜


steamed rice (v) (gf) 3
mixed green salad special dressing (v) 10
miso soup tofu, spring onions, wakame (gf) 3
seaweed salad mix of marinated crunchy seaweeds (v) 6
fries & japanese mayo trio 8
steamed asian vegetables (v) also ​tokyo garden salad (v) 14/16


dessert    デザート


icecream chocolate, green tea, vanilla, strawberry (per scoop) 5
crème caramel 9
zenzai mochi rice ball ice cream. chestnut & red bean sauce 12
matcha green tea blanc-mange mousse. jellies and fruit 12
mochi ice cream yuzu jelly, green tea,fruit & a caramel sauce 12


kids menu お子様メニュー


teriyaki chicken & rice 15 15
sushi chicken & avocado roll 15 15
teriyaki beef & rice 15 15
tempura fish fingers and rice 15 15
big kids bento box 20 20
all dishes are served with your choice of ice cream - chocolate, green tea, vanilla or starwberry  


Group Lunch Menus (groups larger then 10 people- 24 hour confirmation of selctions for larger groups)


Please select from our lunch box selections for larger groups of 10 and over.  
Please confirm with 24 hours notice to confirm group.  
Note: This menu offers a much wider selection and is subject to regular changes with seasonal pricing alterations.